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Developed in the UK

The story so far

PlantGrow is produced in Attleborough, Norfolk by farming family Steve and Sarah Suggitt.

It is a totally natural, sustainable and chemical free fertiliser that nurtures soils and is an excellent option for gardeners. The plant tissue residue is produced from the process of anaerobic digestion, which digests locally grown crops, fruit and vegetables whilst creating electricity during the processing. The digester residue, rich in natural fertilising elements and outstanding when applied on the fields, means chemical fertiliser is no longer needed on their farm.

Recognising the potential for horticultural use, with the support of friend and rosarian Richard Beales of the celebrated rose-growing family, trials were commenced.

“The results were outstanding,” said Steve Suggitt. “What began as an exercise born of curiosity quickly became the focus of some furious thinking on our part. After extensive testing of the fertiliser on lawns, plants and vegetables in every scenario, the results were startlingly successful.”

How we produce PlantGrow® Natural Fertiliser

The process is a natural one which uses harmless natural bacteria to digest biomass in the absence of oxygen and convert soluble organic compounds present in the biomass into a stream of biogas and a sludgy fibrous material. The process is performed in sealed tanks so as to capture the biogas and the fibrous material.


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