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Mid-season report on PlantGrow

When I took this plot over just 7 months ago it had not been touched for a good number of years and had built up a healthy population of hawkweed, field bindweed and twitch (couch grass). The soil is a sandy loam but was in poor physical condition and even the weed cover seemed starved of nutrients.

When asked by PlantGrow to give both their solid and liquid feed a trial I was in two minds as I really thought, that to improve the growing conditions, I would need more than just their two products.
I must say, through personal experience, I was also a little sceptical about relying on an organic fertiliser regime.

Once the new glasshouse was erected I dug over the compacted soil and dug in some of the solid
(soil conditioning natural fertiliser) ready for tomato planting. This was all the young plants had to help them establish and the results have been excellent. Up to the beginning of July they have had three feeds using the (liquid fertiliser) the plants are now to the top of their supports and stopped.

The quality of the fruit is amazing and I have not had to apply any extra potash which means the whole crop has been produced with just the PlantGrow products.

In the rest of the garden every crop grown has been treated in the same way as the tomatoes and the results up to date are extremely encouraging. Growth is very healthy and results with lettuce, cucumbers, potatoes, chard, courgettes, dwarf French beans and beetroot have been of excellent quality and taste. The growth of the winter brassicas, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts is healthy and progressing nicely as it is with the leeks. Winter roots, parsnips and Hamburg parsley have quality foliage and the roots seem to be bulking up nicely.

So, this is where we are at the moment and I am highly delighted with the, first year, progress in the vegetable garden as it stands. This year I also decided to go back to straight varieties of all the types of vegetable grown so I haven’t got the vigour and uniformity of the modern F1 hybrid varieties. If things stay the way they are producing these results with the help of Plantgrow, I will have a seasons harvest to match any of the previous fifty years.

John Stirland

John Stirland, BBC Radio gardening expert, writer and broadcaster.

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A message from Richard Beales Roses

I should like to introduce you to a brand-new, break-through product, PlantGrow, and its rare qualities for gardens.

Having been involved in horticulture all my life one of the things that I know horticulturalists have always been looking for is multipurpose plant food that by the nature of its production has little or no adverse impact on the environment, whilst at the same time delivering all the benefits that a top-rate plant food should. I am very pleased to say that my quest is now over.

I am proud to say that I have been directly involved in bringing PlantGrow into being. It is produced in Attleborough, Norfolk, and is the result of collaboration between Steve and Sarah Suggitt of Suggitt Farm Services and myself, Richard Beales of the rose-growing family.

As with any number of successful innovations, PlantGrow came about almost by accident, on this occasion from a chance conversation between Steve, Sarah and myself who, whilst friends, are from the different, yet parallel, backgrounds of agriculture and horticulture. We were discussing the process of anaerobic digesting. The digester residue, rich in condensed, natural fertilising elements, was identified as a potential garden fertiliser.

With my lifelong knowledge of horticulture, I made sure to choose a wide and diverse range of plants as a true test of the product’s effectiveness, and I must say I was delighted with the results.

I have no hesitation in recommending PlantGrow, not only as a fabulous product in its own right, but as a pioneering leap in the world of plant food and nutrition.

Yours in Roses,



Richard Beales, of the Norfolk rose-growing family, sees PlantGrow as the perfect plant food and soil-conditioning fertiliser for growing the roses for his online company, Richard Beales Roses.

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